Old Crow Ranch is a pasture based livestock operation in Durham, Maine.

Our hogs are purchased in-state from other local farms. Our cattle is purchased from as close to home as we can find them. Our chickens are a slow growing meat bird, Freedom Rangers.

We practice a rotational pasturing system, in which the animals always have access to fresh grass and forage. Our cattle are grass-fed. Our hogs and chickens are fed an organic grain mix and forage at will.

All our processing is done at a local slaughter house and butcher shop.

Our organically fed chickens are available July – September. Our grass-fed beef is available November – February. And thanks to our new barn our organically fed, pastured (3 seasons) pork will be available year round starting August 2018! Check out our current pricing & order your OCR meat directly from us using the meat order form. Or look for our products in a meat case near you.

Steve is available for farm consulting.

Do you smell something? Is that coffee? TGIF.

Wait, I’m a pig. Days of the week don’t matter!

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I can’t tell who’s happier, Dede (Steve’s Dad visiting from Wisconsin) or Adeline (super comfy in Dede’s arms. Hasn’t seen him since she was 3 weeks old). ... See MoreSee Less

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As the penning is installed in the #newbarn there have been some creative adjustments made for the intrinsic uneven-ness of waste-block walls. Luckily Steve and Lon have plenty of ingenuity.

The Knife & Chisel
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