Old Crow Ranch is a pasture based livestock operation in Durham, Maine.

Our hogs are purchased in-state from other local farms. Our cattle is purchased from as close to home as we can find them. Our chickens are a slow growing meat bird, Freedom Rangers.

We practice a rotational pasturing system, in which the animals always have access to fresh grass and forage. Our cattle are grass-fed. Our hogs and chickens are fed an organic grain mix and forage at will.

All our processing is done at a local slaughter house and butcher shop.

Our organically fed chickens are available July – September. Our grass-fed beef and organically fed pork is available September – January.

Steve is available for farm consulting!

​*Hog Slaughter, Butcher, & Processing Workshop*

Join us for another one of our popular workshops! Andy Lindberg of MeatME and Nate "Iggy" Brimmer of Giant's Belly Education provide three days of informative, hands-on instruction in traditional hog slaughter, butchering and processing, while Sean Emmons demonstrates and regales your senses with all manner of porky preparations from the kitchen. We are excited to be returning to Old Crow Ranch in Durham, Maine. They breed & grow heritage Mangalitsa pigs, a Hungarian lard pig that produces magically marbled meat, a generous amount of creamy delicious fat and is ideal for curing.

*Day One:*
The first day of this workshop will showcase the humane harvest of pigs in the farmstead environment, and will provide hands-on training in traditional methods of outdoor scalding, scraping, dressing and chilling of the carcass.

*Day Two:*
The next day we will break down the entire pig using a hybrid of traditional seam-butchery and modern american-style butchering techniques. The focus of this day is on thinking creatively about how we part out the animal, so that we maximize the specific cuts that we are most excited about, while finding creative uses for the less popular parts of the animal.

*Day Three:*
On Sunday we will begin the process of turning our fresh pork into delicious, smoked, dry-cured, and preserved products. We will demonstrate proper sausage making techniques as well as focus on the various value-added products that can be made from the odd-bits. In addition to demonstrating a variety of recipes and techniques, we will discuss the science of curing meat, and address basic food-safety concerns. Be prepared for a farm tour!

There are two registration options:

Option 1 (12 spots): $500 per person for all three days. Includes three days of intensive hands on education. A steady stream of house made charcuterie, odd bits, and special treats to sample that you will learn to make. Plus lunch and hot beverages served daily.

Option 2 (4 seats only): $1000 gets you a side of Mangalitsa pork, cut and wrapped during the class for you to take home, plus admission to the entire workshop and all amenities! Très awesome!​

For more information about the workshop please contact Iggy @ 207.415.4458 or meat@riseup.netgroup

For group or veteran's discounts or information and specific questions about the side of Mangalitsa please contact Seren and Steve at Old Crow Ranch: howdy@oldcrowranch.com
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Mangalitsa Nose to Tail - 2nd Annual

November 10, 2017, 9:00am - November 12, 2017, 4:00pm

​*Hog Slaughter, Butcher, & Processing Workshop* Join us for another one of our popular workshops! Andy Lindberg of MeatME and Nate "Iggy" Brimmer of Giant's Belly Education provide three days of ...

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This dinner was REALLY delicious! Whole chicken (parted out), onion, carrot, beet, potato, parsnip, butternut squash, garlic cloves, dried garden chives, rosemary, bacon drippings, salt and pepper. Oven roasted at 450 for about 1 1/4 hours. Win! ... See MoreSee Less

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