Bacon & Sausage Club


Thanks for your interest in the bacon and sausage club.

The club is based on the idea that one can never have too much bacon and sausage in one’s life.

By filling out this form you are signing up for a minimum order of 5 lbs of bacon and/or sausage every 4 weeks through May 2017 or until supplies run out.

The pick-up: Every 4th Thursday: February 9, March 2, March 30, April 27 & May 25, 4-6 pm! (Yes, we know there are only 3 weeks before the 1st and 2nd pick-up).

The product: We’ll have tasty thick-cut bacon (cured naturally with celery juice powder then hickory smoked), breakfast sausage links and Hungarian bratwurst links.

The payment: We take cash or checks at the time of pick-up. Your total will be $60 (based on actual weight received – 5 lbs x $12/lb.) If you’d like more than the 5 lb/month minimum, just let us know!

Your next steps:
1. Let us know what bacon to sausage ratio you’d like. (example: 2 lbs bacon, 1 breakfast, 2 bratwurst).
2. Confirm that a Thursday 4-6pm pick-up will work for you in the coming months. You’ll receive an email confirming your participation and reminders of the pick-up days.
3. Come get your goodies on the scheduled day and time!


Our newsletter: Very infrequent but oh, so important!

Stay up to date on the latest happenings around the ranch including special events, updates, and meat share news!