Bio & Ethos

DV2_3227Steve Sinisi fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2008 when he established Old Crow Ranch in Durham, Maine.  Land was purchased with help from the “Land for Maine’s Future” program and Royal River Conservation Trust. Sixty-five of the seventy acres were put into an agricultural easement that preserves the farmland in perpetuity. The other five acres is known as the homestead area. This is where we have built our home and started our farm infrastructure.

We are a pasture-based livestock operation. We have a vested interest in bettering our soil, to better our animals, which results in a better product for our customers.

In Old Crow Ranch’s endeavor to better serve our customers we sell wholesale to Farmer’s Gate Market, a butcher shop in Wales, Maine and to Rosemont Market in Portland, Maine. We share similar beliefs in the raising, slaughter, and processing of pasture based meats. Similar beliefs meaning safe handling practices, humane slaughter and attention to detail in processing the meat to bring the best product to our customers.

Seren came into Steve’s life in 2010 with the help of a well-timed hug. They promptly put plans in motion to build their own house from scratch on the farmland.

Magnolia (Steve’s daughter) acted as project supervisor.

In 2013 Steve and Seren got hitched in July. Steve tried to argue his way out of a July wedding but when Seren said, “Nana and Poppop’s anniversary was July 6 and their marriage lasted 57 years until death did them part.” Steve relented and they hosted a wedding in the midst of haying.

February 5, 2014 saw the birth of Vinka Margaret.

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