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Cows back on Farm!

Saturday, March 10, 2012 we brought home the first two feeder calves of the season. They are beautiful Black Angus critters!

 It was fun riding the back-roads over to Gray to pick them up. But the frost heaves were atrocious! (that’s Maine for ya).We hauled them home via the smoother Rt. 9 with no trouble at all in our little trailer usually reserved for hauling pigs. The cows were very agreeable and allowed us to off-load them for weighing mid-trip. 1250 pounds of cow. They are now happily hunkered down in the barn, idly passing the day.

Steve is so excited to have animals on farm again! We’ll pick up our first 10 piglets of the year a week from today. I think it grounds him to have animals on the farm. Someday we’ll have the infrastructure to keep some year-round.


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