Mangalitsas are a heritage breed curing hog from Hungary. First bred in the 1830s as a lard pig, they nearly went extinct but were revived in Europe in the 1990s. The breed first came to the United States in 2007.

Steve went to Mosefund Farm in 2012 for a Nose to Tail butchering weekend and fell in love with these gentle, “sheepy” pigs. The breed has long curly hair. We call ours “Shogs” (Sheep-Hogs). Everyone looking at our herd first thinks we have sheep.

Our Mangalitsas are fed organic barley and allowed to forage at will. With NO corn or soy in their diet the superior silky quality of their fat is maintained.

We are growing and refining our operation. We have 2015’s stock finishing March 2016- August 2016 – join our Bacon & Sausage Club to get a taste!

Starting around Christmas of 2016, we’ll have Mangalitsa piglets available for sale.

Please contact us to discuss sales directly.

Old Crow Ranch brought Mangalitsa breeding stock to the farm the summer of 2013. It was Steve & Seren’s honeymoon, of sorts. “Thirty-six hours is all you need for a farmy honeymoon, right honey?”

We drove to upstate New York to pick up the gilts and a barrow in late July. We loaded the homemade livestock box in the back of the truck, packed a 12 year old Maggie in the middle seat and wedged all our gear  around us and off we drove to Lupo Acres in Fort Ann, NY.

The farm family, the Poles and their farm manager, Henry were impeccable hosts as we toured the farm by helping to round up cattle & move the cow/calf herd in the back acreage.

We hosted a pig roast/contra dance in September 2015.

We roasted 1/2 a Mangalitsa and 10 chickens for this Maine Farmland Trust fundraiser. It was an incredible time and we hope to make it a yearly event!

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