Old Crow FAQ

How do I order meat?

The “Meat Order Form” page lets you submit your order. The “Ordering Notes” page offers a more clarity on our meat buying process.

What’s the difference between a “side” and a “half”?

There is no difference. Same same.

Is your meat organic?

The pork and chicken is organically fed (not certified), the beef is grass-fed.

Is your meat humanely raised and slaughtered?

Absolutely. Respect for our animals who feed us is paramount in our philosophy and practices of farming. We are less than 14 miles from the state inspected slaughtering facility. We are grateful for the humane treatment our animals receive at their facility.

Where are your animals slaughtered? 

J & P Bissons and Sons, Topsham, Maine.

Where are your animals butchered?

Either J&P Bissons and Sons or Farmer’s Gate Market, Wales, Maine.

Where do you get your piglets?

4 small farms in Maine, all within a 30 minute drive from Old Crow.

Where do you get your calves?

Cow/calf operations in Maine.

Where do you get your chicks?

Freedom Ranger Hatchery in Pennsylvania.

How big is your farm? 

Old Crow Ranch is 70 acres. Sixty-five of the seventy acres was put into an agricultural easement, in 2008, which preserves the farmland for perpetuity. The farm has forty acres of open pastures, some plantation pine woodlot, and Gerrish Brook, a protected waterway.

What is a conservation easement?

Our easement is a conservation/agricultural easement. Which means it is protected as farmland exclusively. Royal River Conservation Trust holds the easement and wrote the easement with Steve.

What does grass-fed mean? 

Grass-fed means that none of our beef critters receive any type of processed grain. This means they are strictly on a grass diet; pasturing in the summer and our own hay and haylage (fermented hay) in the winter months.

Do you name the animals?

The broad answer is no. The specific answer is sometimes… the 2011 season saw a Bean, Big Red, Black Betty and Patches. Then of course there’s a “Trouble” every year.

How do you cook pastured meats?

Excellent question. There’s a great cookbook:Tender Grassfed Meat by Stanley A. Fishman.

How big a freezer do I need?

  • A small (5.1 cubic foot) chest freezer will hold a side of pork OR a 1/4 beef with some room left over.
  • A medium (8.8 cubic foot) chest freezer will hold a side of pork AND a 1/4 beef AND 10 chickens with some room left over.

What is red-eyed gravy?

This is our trivia question for you.

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