Beef Cut Sheet

Side of beef                                       Whole Beef

Name:                                                                                                                           Date:

 (highlight your choices, write in your steak thickness and roast weight preferences)

Paperwrap                             Cryovac

Number of Steaks per package:          

Ground Beef                     Yes         No          lbs/package:                     

Stew Meat                          Yes         No          lbs/package:                     

Tenderloin                         Whole      or         Steaks:                  “

Short Loin                       T-Bone:     “  and  Porterhouse:     or Boneless Sirloin Strip:    

Rib                                      Rib Steak:            “        and/or         Standing Rib Roast:            lbs.

Flank                                   Yes         No

Skirt Steak                        Yes         No

Hanger                                 Yes         No

Sirloin Tips                         Yes         No

NY Sirloin                            Bone-in:               “  or  Boneless:           

Back Rump Roast             Yes         or            Stew

Top Round                          Steak:                   “      and/or          Roast:                   lbs.

Bottom Round                  Steak:                   “    or      Roast:                   lbs.    or      Stew Meat

Eye Round Roast            Whole       or        Cut in ½           or      Stew Meat   or  Ground

Knuckle                            Tip Steak:            “    and/or  Sirloin Roast:             lbs.

London Broil                  Steak          “   or   Stew   or   Ground

Chuck                                Steak:         “   and/or  Roast:        lbs.   bone-in     boneless

Shoulder                  (only if you choose boneless chuck)     Blade Steak       Mock Tender

Brisket                            Whole      or        cut in ½    or    Stew Meat     or    Ground Beef

Highlight what you’d like:

Short Ribs, Soup Bones, Marrow BonesOxtail,  Tallow,  Liver,  Heart,  Tongue

Circle if you’d like to: Add Heart and Tongue to Ground Beef


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