Pork Cut Sheet

Circle/highlight one:      Whole Hog               Side of Pork                 Hanging Weight:

Name:                                                             Date:

Phone:                                                                         Email:

 (Highlight your choices, save document with your last name in title)

FGM cure (pink salt cure) $1.15/lb    OCR cure (Celery juice powder cure) $1.50/lb

Cryovac ($.10 extra/lb)                             How many steaks/package:

Hams               Smoked           Fresh

Whole              Cut in ½           Sliced Steaks

Boneless (added cost for processing)

Belly                Smoked (Bacon!)         Fresh               Sliced               approx.:       lb/pkg

Jowl                 Sausage  OR    Smoked (Bacon!)       Fresh          Sliced        approx.:     lb/pkg

Shoulders       Smoked           Fresh

Whole              Cut in ½           Sliced Steaks

Loins               Bone-in/         Bone-less with baby back ribs         Rib Roast

Tenderloin      Whole              Left in Chops               Medallions     

Sirloin             bone-in/ boneless Chops         Cutlets             Sirloin Roast               

Butts               Roasts        Country Ribs: bone-in / boneless      use for ground pork/sausage

Ribs                 Country Ribs                Spare Ribs

Sausage OR Ground Pork –  IF sausage choose 1 type: Breakfast / Sweet / Hot / Tuscan / Country / Kielbasa / Bratwurst     choose: Bulk or Linked

Circle what you’d like to receive:  Trotters (fresh / smoked), Hocks (fresh / smoked), Leaf Lard, Fat Back, Liver, Heart, Tongue

Add Heart and Tongue to Ground/Sausage


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