2017 Pricing

Once you’ve decided on what meat you’d like, please order it with our Meat Order Form.

We’re holding steady with the same prices as we sported in 2016, with the exception the 50 & 100 beef boxes which inched up.


           ½ Hog (100-125 lbs)

Whole Hog (200-250 lbs)





$4.75/lb hanging weight* + $1.15/lb processing~

$4.70/lb hanging weight* + $1.15/lb processing~

Range of Total Price

$590 for 100 lbs $737.50 for 125 lbs

$1170 for 200 lbs  $1462.50 for 250 lbs



50 lb Box

100 lb box

½ Cow (approx.  225-315 lbs)

Whole Cow (approx.  450-630 lbs)









$4.00/lb hanging weight* + $0.75 processing~

$3.85/lb hanging weight* + $0.75 processing~

Approximate Total

$325  for 50 lbs

$625  for 100 lbs

$1306 for 275 lbs

$2530  for 550 lbs


Chicken ♥

Each                   (approx. 4 lb birds)

25+ birds               (10% off)







Approximate Total

$20/4.5 lb bird

$18/4.5 lb bird            (25 or more birds purchased)


^Deposits are the down-payment for your meat. The amount of your deposit will be deducted from your final sale cost.

*Hanging weight is the post-slaughter weight of the animal. You might notice a difference between the hanging weight you pay for and the actual weight of meat you receive. This difference depends on what you choose as far as boneless cuts, marrow bones, organ meat, fat, and trim.

~Processing fees are $1.15/lb for cutting and paper wrapping pork. Cryovacing pork is an option for an additional $0.10/lb.  We offer “nitrate-free” curing for your side of pork for an additional $0.20/lb on hanging weight.

Cutting and paper wrapping beef is $0.90/lb, you may have it cryovaced for an additional $0.50/lb.

♥ Chicken comes whole, includes neck and giblets. You may request fresh or frozen (frozen recommended, unless you’re going to eat immediately or part them out).

We cover the cost of trucking and slaughtering the animals.

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