A Few Testimonials

We love buying local. It’s reassuring to know where the beef comes from and where it’s butchered. It offers peace of mind and helps the local economy. We love to buy happy cows, pigs and chickens!

Mary Pennington & Dave O’Connor, Durham

“I have to tell you that we ate our filet for Valentine’s day and it was the best ever. Also, I had been intimidated by the ox tail, but I made a stew and it was unbelievably good. If there is extra of that next year, load us up. And the bottom round roast cooked up with a little help from Emerill, was a Sunday dinner favorite. More! Those were the stand outs from the superb usual selection. Thank you for such a great product! 100 pounds more? Yes, please!!”

Neill & Ellie, Portland

“While I was there she cooked up some pea soup with your hocks. It was wonderful. She said the hocks were the best ones she had ever seen. But the high point was the pork loin. She baked it on a bed of apples and onions with a mustard rub. It was melt-in-your mouth scrumptious! Thanks!”

Duncan Chesley, Durham

“We feel very fortunate to have access to such high quality food for our family. Thank you for the hard work you do! I feel a sense of pride when I tell people where I get my meat.”

Neill Gemmel, Portland

“We are LOVING the meat. Justin made a delicious pot roast last week and we have so many great cuts left to enjoy.”

Anna Tocci, Windham

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