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Whole Roast Chicken

Tonight I’m going to roast a whole chicken for dinner. (Just how Betsy does it.)

I raised Kosher King type meat birds this past summer, so that’s what we’ve been eating… but there were 5 Red Ranger type birds that made it into my poultry netting, no-thanks to a raccoon in a neighbor’s chicken house and her soured position on raising meat birds after the carnage the raccoon left behind.

So tonight will be a taste test. Let’s see how Red Rangers compare to Kosher Kings. The Kings have been fabulous: white skin, tender meat and incredible stock.

3-4 lb whole chicken

1/8 lb salt pork

2-3 T butter

dash Salt & Pepper

2 T flour

4 carrots

4 potatoes

1/4 cabbage

1 onion

2 apples

When I roast birds I do it in our schlemmertopf (glazed clay roaster). Imagine a crock pot for the oven. But I’ve had excellent luck in a good old open top roasting pan too.

I’ll soak the lid of the schlemmertopf in water while I rinse and prep the bird. I’ll put the gibbs aside to add to my stock later. I’ll cut a couple pieces of salt pork and lay them on the bottom of the “schlem” for the bird to sit on. Set the bird in (Steve insists “breast up is better, it crisps the skin, and the breast skin in best!). Then rub butter (maybe 2-3 T) over the belly up bird, toss a bit of salt and pepper on, and then a dusting of flour (2 T tops).

Dump the water out of the lid of the “schlem” and cover your bird. Put the schlemmertopf into a cold oven and turn the heat up to 375° F.

Let it go for an hour and enjoy the smells in your home as the bird cooks. After about an hour, add any veggies or apples or any other goodness you want roasted with the bird.

Tonight I’m going to add cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onion and apples… maybe some whole garlic cloves too for good measure.

Cook your bird for another 45 minutes, until the wings and legs move easily, your juices run clear and your thermometer (if you have one) reads 165ºF.

I think I’ll make biscuits to go with my roast dinner and call it good!


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